Through solar power, households can save up to 87% or more on their electricity bills by being paid to produce their own power. This process is called Net Metering.


net me te ring (noun) - A system in which solar panels or other renewable energy generators are connected to a public-utility power grid and surplus power is transferred onto the grid, allowing customers to offset the cost of power drawn from the utility.


The sun generates energy which is then absorbed by solar panels and then converted into electricity during                         the day.


Your household will utilize the energy generated from the sun after being converted by an inverter.


Excess energy is fed into the utility grid and the system owner is given a credit.


When the sun is not generating any energy, electricity will be pulled from the electric company.


Our Commitment

At Kaagapay, we commit ourselves to giving our clients more than their money's worth by promising excellent service before, during, and even after the install. We aim to be your partners as you trust us with your shift to solar energy and with fulfilling our mission of creating a better, cleaner environment.



Our holistic experience with solar projects has proven that our high caliber systems produce superior results for our clients.



In keeping with our aim to be integrated partners within your communities, we guarantee our pricing to be the lowest for like quality components and services.



We believe so strongly in our engineering and installation expertise that we will guarantee a minimum level of performance from your system.



We save you the hassle of dealing with manufacturers and vendors for your system.  We will manage and resolve all issues while the system is under warranty.  



From the moment a homeowner or organization decides to move forward, our team takes care of all project activities including financing, engineering, construction, and operations.  



 Our comprehensive penetration warranty ensures that if any leaks appear as a result of our work, we will identify and address the issue.  It’s part of our desire to provide superior service to our customers so we can together achieve superior results.



We engineer each system to take on unique weather issues to ensure the integrity of each roof we install on.  Utilizing proprietary wind reduction components, we are able to dramatically reduce the wind forces on each array and on your roof.



Our clients’ decision to save money should not be stressful.  In fact, we know it's the simplest way they can save money.  We aim to make it even easier for our customers by allowing them to cancel for any reason within 7 days of initial contract signing. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to install solar if the utility is installing a solar farm nearby?

These large solar farms will help with reducing blackouts and brownouts on the electricity grid, but it will come at the expense of a higher utility bill. As the number and size of these utility scale solar farm increases, the charge will also continue to increase.

What happens during the rainy months when there is not as much sun?

Your system will not produce as much energy, but the country's abundant rainfall washes the panels and removes the layers of dirt that may form on these modules over time. The rain will prepare the modules for production come summer months. Your system will overproduce power in the same months and the utility will issue you a credit on your bill.

What if I can't afford a solar power generation system?

Our zero-down financing options allow you to start building equity in your future, similar to a mortgage payment on your home. By availing of our financing options, you are able to immediately build equity in your electricity future. At the end of the term, you will have a solar power generation system producing free and clean power.

What happens at night when the system is not able to produce electricity?

Your home or business will still remain connected to the local utility grid at all times. Whenever there is a shortfall in electricity generation from the system, your home or business will consume electricity from the utility company. These companies are now your backup source of power.