Our Company

At Kaagapay Solar, we understand the struggle of every family to keep up with rising energy rates in the Philippines. Studies have shown that these energy rates will only continue to increase over time and almost double in a span of 10 years. Through our experience with renewable energy in the United States over the years, we have decided that it's about time we bring this energy revolution to every household in the Philippines. 

Unique among our US counterparts, a significant portion of our team was based right here in the Philippines, specifically in Cebu and Bacolod. This is what made us first think of pushing solar energy further in the country. 

We want to change the common impression that people have when they hear solar energy. Through our desire to help the Filipino family save on their electricity bills, we created financial options to assist them through the process of making a zero-downpayment scheme available to qualified clients. This only means that solar is now more than ever a viable solution to the energy crisis we are experiencing. 

We are part of your community. We are proud to offer our world- class services to our neighbors, our families, and the other members of our communities so we can all have access to a cheaper and cleaner source of electricity. Our vision is to not only put money back in Filipinos’ pockets, but to also make a lasting environmental impact for future generations.


Be an ambassador for renewable energy and be the top distributed generation solar services provider in the Philippines.


To empower families by helping them invest in their future using renewable energy. The name Kaagapay evokes the kind of community engagement and viewpoint we take on in our client relationships. Our clients are more than just our customers; they are our community partners in providing cleaner and more affordable power for generations to come.


Community - We are part of the same community and we understand what the Filipino family goes through. We want to deliver only the best solutions that are tailored for our clients by means of extensive research and analysis.

Environmentalism - It is part of our mission to help save the environment and make the quality of living better for everyone.

Passion - It is what drives us to continue what we do. Our belief in solar energy and the benefits it builds for our clients and the environment makes us push further and stronger.

Loyalty - We listen. Our projects are always treated with top tier knowledge and expertise. If we encounter any problems, we will be there to make sure that everything gets back up and running smoothly.


Our Projects

We follow only the highest quality standard in providing our service to help families save through solar, and we are proud to say that our practice guarantees lifelong savings for our past and future clients. That is how much we value our clients' investments, and we will always be happy to show off our work.